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We are really excited that you have chosen St Therese Primary School.

During 2016 we are looking forward to getting to know all those families new to our school as well as meeting the siblings of those children already enrolled at St Therese.

We are often asked the question “what can we do to prepare our child for school?” 

Through our blog we hope to give you some ideas for preparing your child for school next year. 

Background Information


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In the past a group of our junior school teachers studied at Melbourne University. Through their studies they have gained a greater understanding of the importance of reading nursery rhymes and stories to your child in the early years. Sharing rhymes, chants and stories with your child will support your child in their readiness to read. This term is referred to as phonological knowledge. ‘A student’s level of phonological awareness at the end of kindergarten is one of the strongest predictors of future reading success, in grade one and beyond.’   (Yopp – Comprehensive Literacy Resource For Kindergarten Teachers)

You may ask what is phonological awareness and why is it important in learning to read?  How can we support our child’s phonological awareness?

There are several elements of phonological awareness a child develops throughout their early years of reading. Some of these are;

  1. Ability to rhyme

  2. Ability to tap out syllables

  3. Ability to identify words beginning with the same sound

  4. Ability to hear sounds in words

All this is done orally through reading books, sharing nursery rhymes, singing songs and chants and having conversations about words, for example, dog and your name Daniel both start with the same sound, ‘d’.

You are probably already doing many of these things. We have prepared this blog to assist you and your child with some fun interactive activities you could be doing before your child begins school as well as some information about the routine in our Learning Community. Over the next few months remember to sing, talk about words and share as many stories as possible with your child. These activities should be FUN for both you and your child. Please feel free to add a comment or ask a question as we can reply through the blog.

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